Writing + Publications

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Media Mentions:

La Nueva Fábrica acoge tres mundos fotográficos – Diario de Centro America, November 2019

Admire los paisajes sonoros de Joaquín Orellana – Diario de Centro America, August 2019


Past Publications:

Published while Innovation Coordinator at Global Forest Watch and Word Resources Institute:

For Companies that Cut Protected Forests, There’s Nowhere to Hide (also published in GreenBiz)

New Platform Reveals How Much Carbon is Locked in Tropical Forests – and How Much Was Lost

3 Trends in US Wildfires

With Latest Fire Crisis, Indonesia Surpasses Russia as World’s Fourth-Largest Emitter

How Much Rainforest is in that Chocolate Bar? (also published in GreenBiz)

Zooming In: “Sustainable” Cocoa Producer Destroys Pristine Forest in Peru

3 Maps Help Explain Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Water Crisis

Monitoring Forest Change in Latin America with Terra-i



Fashenzhen / 深圳每日时尚街拍



Ashoka Changemaker Case Study: Conor Bohan

Part of Ashoka’s new Haiti Changemakers platform



ichoose2b: Happy and Successful

Writer, editor, and visual production.



Biofuel Investments Threaten Local Land Rights in Tanzania

Spotlight on Ghanaian Oil & Revenue Management

Ugandan Parliament Sparks Controversy over Oil Moratorium

US Preparations for Rio+20

Waiting on US Rules for Revenue Transparency

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