felisa café: spatial and graphic design

Co-designed this unique space with Mitchell Denburg, President of New Roots Foundation. Felisa Café is the “museum café” located in the front garden of La Nueva Fábrica, and is one of the first things guests see upon entering. The concept was for two chicken buses (the traditional public transportation in Guatemala) to appear as if … More felisa café: spatial and graphic design

visuals for better mental health care

Mental health care in Guatemala is notoriously underfunded and unavailable. But local NGO Saqirsan is not only opening the dialogue – they are revolutionizing the solution for improving care across Guatemala. I was lucky enough to be able to work with Saqirsan to develop some infographics and storytelling materials to better communicate their ground-breaking pilot … More visuals for better mental health care

follow the carbon

How much carbon is released by tropical deforestation? A LOT. For the international climate conference in Paris, I teamed up with artist Jamie Denburg, the Global Landscapes Forum and my team of insanely smart experts at World Resources Institute to visualize carbon emissions through something wonderfully tangible: balloons. We literally took high-resolution satellite imagery of … More follow the carbon