Noteworthy Projects


Co-produced and co-curated the grand opening exhibitions for La Nueva Fábrica: “Memoria en Línea” by Lake Verea, “Archivo Lissie Habie,” and “Mutación” by Alejandra Hidalgo


Curated and designed the exhibition “Paisajes Sonoros,” a retrospective of Joaquín Orellana’s life work, which included over 100 of his “sound utensil” sculptures, original drawings, musical scores, photographs, and poems. Also included original LNF productions of video art and interactive sound installations. The exhibition cumulated with a live concert within the exhibition – using the instruments that had been on display.

Co-produced the exhibition “Lissie Habie: Artist/Collector.”

Created and launched the program “Íntimo” at La Nueva Fábrica; a project that provides exhibition space for artists to express and explore their current concerns, curiosities, and most pressing feelings – via an open application.


Co-designed and oversaw construction of La Nueva Fábrica, opened officially in February, 2019.

Co-designed and oversaw construction of Felisa Café, the museum coffee shop situated inside two Guatemalan chicken buses.

Co-designed the concept and space for the La Nueva Fábrica store, which features a a curated selection of impressive, Guatemalan designs and labels that have a positive impact on local communities, artists, or the environment.


Journalist training in Mexico City with Reforestamos Mexico

Journalist training with Ojo Publico in Tarapoto, Peru

Designed and launched Places to Watch’s active response system to deforestation


Participated in Dupont Underground‘s Re-Ball Design Competition



Panelist at COP21 Green Zone event “Global Forest Watch Climate” in Paris, France

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.22.00 PM

Directed and designed the Landscapes Laboratory at the Global Landscapes Forum

Produced the “Follow the Carbon” interactive balloon installation at the Global Landscapes Forum

23043679233_296716553d_z  Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.22.28 PM

Presented at WWF Fuller Symposium at National Geographic

Directed workshop on building new interactive tools for tracking emissions from deforestation at the UNFCCC’s SB42 in Bonn, Germany and led interactive audience design exercises

Presented at Tapestry Conference in Athens, Georgia



Keynote speaker at A Better World by Design at RISD/Brown University

Directed mapping workshop at US Department of State, Professional Fellows Congress

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.25.40 PM

Coordinated WRI participation at Global Landscapes Forum in Lima, Peru

Wrote content for the new Haiti Changemakers program, part of Ashoka

Lived in Shenzhen, China with the Ameson Year in China and wrote Fashenzhen/深圳每日时尚街拍



4 months in Accra with Ghana Center for Democratic Development

Guest Editor for Ashoka



Fellow of the Everett Program, previously the Global Information Internship Program (GIIP)


Communications Intern for the World Resources Institute (WRI) & The Access Initiative (TAI):

“Sunita” winner of EthicMark Video Award 2012!!

To read more about EthicMark, click here.

Rio+20: 3 Demands Campaign Interactive Map

The Access Initiative Home



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