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IMG_1782I am a design aficionado, an organizational strategy maven, an interdisciplinary curator, an experienced writer, and a marketing expert. I make sure every written word packs a punch, every image tells a substantial story, and every project is founded on solid research.

I pull from professional experience in communications, geography, art, writing, history, architecture and interior design, digital media, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, critical theory, science, education, graphic design, product design, international politics, multiple languages, and widespread travel – all to connect ideas that might not be obvious but could lead to innovative solutions.

Sparking inspiration and building capacity in others is a must, as well as seeing that projects have an independent strategy which can sustain itself moving forward.

Based  in Antigua, Guatemala.

Interested in collaborating? Email me and let’s get started!

I have worked with:

Round Table Studio
La Nueva Fábrica  •  New Roots Foundation
Global Forest Watch  •  World Resources Institute
The Access Initiative  •  Center for Democratic Development Ghana  •  Initiative 20×20
Ashoka  •  Fine Line  •  René Habie  •  Everett Program (GIIP)
Center for Global, International and Regional Development

I have collaborated or consulted with:

Meson Panza Verde  •  Enverdece  •  Adelante Shoe Co.
Grupo Alta (Casa Poponoe & Villa Bokeh)  •  Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Global Landscapes Forum  • Greenbelt Movement  •  Strength India  •  René Habie
Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation  •  Saqirsan  •  National Geographic
Jane Goodall Institute  •  Earth Journalism Network  •  Mongabay  •  Unilever
Reforestamos Mexico  •  Pomona College  •  Burness Communications •  Ojo Público
UNFCCC  •  NOAA  •  US Dept. of State  •  Global Landscapes Forum
The Norwegian Embassy in the US  •   US Peace Corps, and more…

Focusing on the following areas:

• Design, art, creative communities and enterprises

• Finely-tuned writing and editing for specific audiences and objectives

• External relations strategy, product branding, publication design

• Knowledge sharing along global networks and user communities

• Project planning, implementation, and evaluation

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