the story behind launching rené habie

What do you do as a creative consultant when one of your oldest friends starts a beautiful line of silver rings and necklaces? Jump to support her as Marketing Director, that’s what. And what do you do when she asks you to model in outlandish settings? Gulp and wish for the best.

Artist and entrepreneur Jamie Denburg is the creative force behind the new jewelry collection René Habie, which just opened its online doors this week via The pieces range from understated phases of the moon, to crystalline glass eyes, to silver replicas of real matchsticks, to spunky renditions of emojis-gone-luxe.

Her creations have actually been around for years – first with her gorgeous experimental Eye Against Evil rings which were mostly for gifts to friends and family (I’m lucky enough to have had my piece for two years now – and barely a scratch on this brilliant, violet eye!), then her humble forays into Etsy boosted her recognition, which led to a jump across online shops to Kindred Black when they noticed her elegant and unexpected silver lockets.

Effortless, smart and genuine – that’s how René Habie came into its own and that’s how Jamie describes the line to her customers as she opens to the public. Her is incredible silver jewelry is handmade by Guatemalan artisans and being sold for honest prices, with a portion of proceeds going to New Roots Foundation.

I ended up joining the “team” of family members, friends and fans who helped propel René Habie along the path to launch by signing up as the Marketing Director; I designed the logo to match the direct simplicity and elegance of the pieces themselves, I helped style and direct the campaigns that now comprise her gorgeous Instagram and even made a few GIFS to play around with the editorial-style shots we took together.


Of course, being the sharp entrepreneur that she is, Jamie also coerced me into posing for some of her styled shoots… which I reluctantly agreed to model for… though it involved me running from giant dogs, puffing on a cigar for 45 minutes without breath, and spinning a basketball on my inexperienced fingertips.

Either way, I highly recommend working with a lifelong friend on your passion project – it creates a space people with which people want to connect. And remember to spread the word that is now open and these miniature pieces of artwork will be going fast!

The result of our launch campaign:


The behind-the-scenes reality:


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