designing the landscapes laboratory

How do you take 12 of the most technologically innovative groups in the realm of environmental monitoring, squeeze them into a corner of the Palais de Congres in Paris, and create a space that is all about interaction and inspiration?

That is exactly what my colleague at CIFOR and I were working out for months.

In the world of COP and the Global Landscape Forum in particular, it’s easy to fall into the trap of booths: presenting your information or tools in a 2D, routine manner that makes my eyes glaze over just thinking about it. So, after a successful Landscapes Laboratory in Lima last year, we got to thinking about technologies and tools that got people experimenting, got them curious, and got them hooked. What were ways to arrange a space that lent itself to creating conversation and stopping people in their tracks? How could we set up the ultimate brainstorming hub?

We worked with each of the participants individually to explore their data and tools, to challenge the usual way they present the material, and to get them to think outside the box; projection mapping, interactive screens, drone cameras… anything!

The result was a unique area with incredible energy and opportunities to interact with tools I never thought I’d see! Thank you to CIFOR and all the participants for thinking outside the box!



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